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18th July 2016

Rent Guaranteed Premium and Premium Plus insurance from Advanced Rent

Advanced Rent consists of a dedicated team of experienced residential property financiers and private equity investors, who put their utmost into devising and developing a range of innovative tenant referencing services and landlord insurance products.

It is this commitment to coming up with new ways to assist our valued clients that makes us especially proud of the latest additions to our complement of acclaimed services - Rent Guaranteed Premium and Rent Guaranteed Premium Plus.

A great service made better

Many of our blog readers will already be aware of our Rent Guaranteed service, which allows landlords to plan their finances better, secure their income (regardless of whether their tenants pay them upon eviction) and remove the costly burden of collecting rents and managing arrears.

However, Advanced Rent recognises that many Letting Agents prefer to sell rent protection insurance to their customers and so have introduced some industry-leading policies which can be distributed by their Letting Agent partners.

Rent Guaranteed Premium covers legal expenses of up to £50,000, property damage, nuisance and trespass, the cost of repossession and tenant eviction and the cost of prosecution defence in relation to tenancy matters. It also pays any unpaid rent due during the eviction process. Users of this product can also call upon the assistance of our direct UK based claims management team, as well as a 24/7 legal and tax advice line for any personal matters.

The finest rent guarantee insurance around

Premium Plus offers all of the above, with the addition of cover for the main heating system, plumbing and drains, power, toilet, security and keys should they be lost. Tenants can call a 24/7 Emergency Callout number, with five incidents per property every 12 months covered, each of them up to £500, including parts, labour and callout costs.

Both Rent Guaranteed Premium and Rent Guaranteed Premium Plus work according to the same process. First of all, we will obtain details from you or your Letting Agent regarding your property and the incumbent or potential tenant.

Next, we will ask you to complete an application form and supply completed references, or carry them out if you haven’t done so already. We will then pass this information onto our processing team. All being well, your policy will be issued and settled by direct payment or monthly account.

If you believe that Rent Guaranteed Premium or Premium Plus – or any of our other highly rated services – may be of benefit to you in your life as a landlord or Letting Agent, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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