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23rd June 2016

Introducing Advanced Rent’s innovative new tenant referencing platform

Here at Advanced Rent, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive range of services, and we are continually looking for new ways to help our landlord and letting agent clients.

Our tenant referencing service is one such way we have catered for property investors for several years now, but we have recently made some significant improvements to further increase its convenience, efficiency and relevance.

Tenant referencing is a breeze with Advanced Rent

Our tenant referencing platform has long provided landlords and letting agents up and down the country with a highly cohesive referencing service. However, we like to implement the latest available technologies into our products, which meant we were delighted when we were able to the introduce the capability to integrate via API.

API allows the referencing process to be performed truly seamlessly from start to finish. For example, tenant and property data are automatically transferred from a customer’s existing software, while instant credit file checks are also performed.

Letting agents also receive their own portal login to see real-time updates and view the progress of each application submitted.

Doing our utmost to please our client base

However, those aren't the only recent enhancements to our tenant referencing platform. That's because we have also partnered with Let MC, a leading letting software developer, and we are happy to say that our service now features much more information in the checks that it runs.

A full reference is provided for a fair price, with checks including a six-year credit history check and credit score, address verification and linked summary, employment and income verification, a previous landlord reference and verification, a guarantor validation and suitability check and affordability analysis. The tenant's legal right to rent the property is also assessed.

The results from our tenant referencing process are accepted and approved by DAS, Europe’s leading rent guarantee and legal expenses insurance provider.

Our tenant referencing and landlord insurance products are available nationwide to our letting agent partners, with our industry-leading online product distribution platform serving as an invaluable and powerful tool to aid the growth of a business.

Contact the professional team here at Advanced Rent today to learn more about just how much quicker and more convenient your tenant referencing process could be.

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