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17th August 2016

Architects outline potential improvements to UK housing market

Many of our rent guarantee insurance policyholders here at Advanced Rent will be well-placed to appreciate the very real challenges presently faced by a UK housing sector often described as "in crisis", although there are many other stakeholders in the broader debate - not least of which, architects.

Calls to go beyond housing policy

A key conclusion of a new report released by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is that housing policy alone will not be sufficient in isolation to solve a housing crisis with both varied and complicated roots.

In particular, architects encouraged the bringing together of the public and private sector to promote, enable, and finance new homes, and improve housing quality. The report also emphasised the importance of high-quality design, stating that "without it, we’ll be solving one problem by storing up further challenges for the future."

Just some of the wide-ranging measures proposed in the report included the addition of housing policy to the remit of the National Infrastructure Commission, the inclusion in future infrastructure schemes of details of their impact on housing supply and the establishment of a Chief Built Environment Adviser.

The report also addressed the need for new types of housing development to cater to the needs of an ageing population, which was said to have "huge implications for the houses that we need to build. A broader range of housing options is needed – both to ensure that people are living in the best possible homes, but also to unlock larger housing."

A wealth of possibilities

The report stated several other improvements that could be implemented to help aid the UK housing market to optimum health in the years ahead. These included central and local governments setting up public sector investment vehicles and a national housing investment bank to issue bonds and ISAs, recycle right to buy receipts and attract long-term institutional investment.

RIBA also called on the government to strengthen building regulations and national standards to ensure the sustainability and resilience of future homes. Finally, the Institute said that the poor condition of much of the UK's existing housing stock also needed to be better addressed.

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