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28th September 2016

Best London buy-to-let areas revealed

Current and prospective landlords investing in such products of ours as our no deposit rental scheme and landlord-tenant referencing may be interested to read evidence of a continuing boom in the London rental market, even in the face of Brexit-induced uncertainty.

However, with some areas of the capital faring better than others, we thought we would provide a breakdown of the most prosperous areas in which to invest in the London buy-to-let sector right now.

Strong yields in both the east and south

Although many landlords are increasingly citing the north of England as the best place to buy-to-let, London is always going to be at the forefront of the market, thanks to its continued rocketing property prices and strong rental yields in many boroughs.

As a whole, the east and south of London are delivering the highest yields, while the west is producing especially attractive capital gains.

In the east – which boasts some of the highest rental yields in the whole of the UK – Newham, Stratford and East Ham are performing particularly well, while Rainham, Dagenham and Romford are hotspots for more affordable properties, also boasting average yields easily exceeding 5.5 per cent.

Southwark and Lambeth in the south of the capital are currently the subjects of significant regeneration projects, which could send property prices soaring in the years to come. Oval and Sutton are also displaying signs of being among the best buy-to-let locations in London, with the latter predicted to see rents rise by as much as 32.9 per cent over the next five years.

West and north set to see significant rental growth

West London also shows considerable promise, with its property prices having already grown by an astounding 13.8 per cent a year since 2010.

Merton has been especially frequently highlighted by many buy-to-let observers, as 33.8 per cent rental growth is expected here over the next half-decade. A similar 33 per cent figure has been quoted for Richmond-upon-Thames, despite the area already boasting some of the UK's most expensive properties.

Finally, north London features Islington and Camden, boroughs that are set to record rental growth of 33.5 per cent and 32.1 per cent respectively in the coming five years, property company CBRE has said.

Such statistics and trends clearly signal that the English capital is set to remain one of the UK's undoubted buy-to-let property hotspots for years to come. Talk to Advanced Rent today about how our no deposit rental scheme and other products could make your life considerably easier as a landlord in this rapidly developing - and still highly profitable - area of the country.

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